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Active Age


Information about the project

What is the project about?

Regular and sufficiently intensive physical activities and sport are crucial for preserving and improving the quality of life also for older and very old people. The many healthy effects of an active way of life, however, conflict sharply with the actual activity and movement level of older people.

<ActiveAge> is a transnational project that fosters the exchange of knowledge and experience to counteract the physical inactivity of older people through capacity building for physical activities and sport programs of aging people in well-structured and wide-spread settings, with the starting point in sport-organisations.

The project refers comprehensively and directly to the European Commission, Education and Culture DG (EAC) “2012 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport” /Section 2 and is going to verify the specially mentioned expectations of “cooperation and networking of relevant parties”.



Active Age Closing Conference March 2014

Participants of the ActiveAge Closing Conference

The final conference of the ActiveAge Project took place at the DTB in Frankfurt from 27th to 29th March 2014.

From all over Europe project partners and interested others working in the field of organizational sport came together to exchange experiences and ideas on the topic of active aging. The conference has been a successful mixture of presentations by invited experts, discussions, networking and a joyful togetherness - all in regard to the soon ending ActiveAge Project. Further action is planned through international networking on "European Platform Active Aging in Sport" (EPAAS).

The handbook as one of the major outcomes can be downloaded here.


Active Age Conference Frankfurt 2014 27th – 29th March 2014, DTB Gym Academy

On 27th – 29th of March 2014 the Active Age project partners invite leaders and managers of all interested sport organizations and other cross-sector stakeholders to an open conference in Frankfurt, Germany to present project outcomes and to exchange their experiences in that field of action; and furthermore to engage more partners for cooperation and networking. 
Topics on creation of fitting activities and exercise programs, recruitment and education of instructors, policy and strategy development and forming of networks for aging people will be presented and discussed by politicians, scientists and experienced managers. 

Detailled informations you find in the Conference Brochure.

Closingdate of registration: 28.02.2014


5th TOGU Day - 2nd of April 2014

The 5th TOGU Day will be on the 2nd of April 2014, the day before FIBO tradeshow in Cologne, Germany.Sign up early to ensure your participation, latest until 28th of January 2014!

Watch also the videos of 2012 and 2013 TOGU Day at . For further information click here.


EU-Sport-Forum in Villnius

DTB-mangement team  for the Active Age Project was invited to  the EU-Sport-Forum in Vilnius on 30.09. – 01.10.2013!

As earmarked in the 2007 White Paper on Sport, the EU Sport-Forum is a key annual event organized by the European Commission in the framework of the structured dialogue on sport on EU-Level. This year´s event consisted of 5 sessions, in which 2 were panel debates.

DTB was invited to take part in the Sport-Forum and to present the EU-project Active Age.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Hartmann and Pia Pauly participated as the DTB-project management team and presented the previous and interim outcomes of the project.

See above the corresponding poster.
Interesting was furthermonre the presentation of  results of projects, supported by  the 2011 preparatory Actions in the field of sport and the presentation of the new EU Sport Program ERASMUS+.
The EU Sport- Forum 2013  was a good opportunity to exchange experiences with other organizations and to many new ideas to be active on EU-level.


Half-way seminar in Barcelona

The third successful Active-Age-Meeting on the 15./16. October 2013 took place in Barcelona in connection to the ISCA MOVE-Congress.

The group leaders prepared papers and presented the actual state-of-the-art regarded to the topics which were decided in June 2013 in Frankfurt. The papers were under discussion in a plenum and proposals of all members could be included during a internal discussion of the working groups. Finally the plenum summarized general important points:

  • To do list of different tasks of the working groups
  • General layout points: What is important regarding Layout, structure of the handbook, appendixes
  • What follows on the project: Building up a network

Additions and corrections of the actual draft of the handbook will be done by all members during the next months. All members are looking forward to the closing meeting which is planned for March 2014.


Working group meeting in Frankfurt

After having fixed the working plans for the 3 working groups, the first interim results were presented and discussed at the working group meeting on 13./14. June 2013 in Frankfurt at the DTB Gym-Akademie.

The different working groups discussed the following topics:

WG 1: Designing policies and programs for older people in sport organisations

  1. presentation and discussion of policies and strategic plans, collected since the kick-off
  2. method for the provision and documentation of good practice examples in regard to policy development and strategic planning
  3. presentation and discussion of the draft framework paper to design policies and strategic plans for older people
  4. discussion and decision on particular tools supporting strategic and operative planning
  5. cross-sectoral cooperation and networking in the field of physical activities for older people: collection of good practise; basic principles for networking
  6. library documents (collection of political driving documents)

WG 2: instructors

  1. discussion about why there is a need of elderly instructors
  2. presentation and discussion about the topic recruiting instructors
  3. discussion about the competences and knowledge of instructors along the guidelines from WHO

WG 3: target groups & programs

  1. differentiation and description of target groups
  2. exercise programs for the target groups
  3. criteria for the description and valuation of exercise programs


The Active Age project is now on its move!

On the weekend 8./10. February 2013 the new DTB Gym-Akademie in Frankfurt offered an excellent surrounding for a successful kick-off of the <Active Age> project. <Active Age> is a transnational project that fosters the exchange of knowledge and experience to counteract the physical inactivity of older people through capacity building for physical activities and sport programs of aging people in well-structured and wide-spread settings, with the starting point in sport-organisations. The project is supported by the European Commission, Education and Culture DG (EAC) in the frame of the “2012 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport”.

All 12 partner organisations from 8 European countries discussed intensively the aims and expected outcomes of the project, after getting some introductory lectures about project relevant topics on theone hand from the EU political perspective and on the other hand from the scientific side. Also the topic related working groups were established and determined their working plans.


Active Age

The Active Age project is receiving support from the European Commission, Education and Culture DG, under the "2012 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport".


Network "Moving Age"

Out of the Active Age Project the network "Moving Age" was born. You can find more information here.