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Cyr Wheel

Jetzt anmelden: Cyr Wheel Weekend im Oktober 2018

03.09.2018 15:33

Der VfB Fallersleben lädt in diesem Jahr zu zweiten Mal ein zum Cyr Wheel Weekend.

Hey Guys,

It is time for the next huge Cyr Event! Last time 100 Wheelers came together and we found this to be the perfect size.

The VfB Fallersleben wants to invite everyone for a fun weekend full of Cyr Wheel training (2018 October Saturday 6th 10:00-19:00 and Sunday 7th 09:00-17:00 Hours). Use the link provided to receive the official invitation. Afterwards check your e-mail to find the registration link. First come first serve, so don't hesitate. The participation will be free of charge but donations are welcome. There will be many Cyr Coaches (besides Fallersleben Residents Sarah Lüdiger Katharina Erdmann and Hauke Narten) so everybody helps everyone to learn new skills. It'll be a weekend of fun, cyr and friends.

In addition to this we will have a beginners workshops and more advanced Workshops with more Info in the registration. We have many other activities planned but the focus will be on free training and social spinning.

Get your personal invite at:

( Link will stop working when all spots are filled)

Got questions? Email me: Hauke.narten(ät)

Simple accomodation (group quarters) can be arranged upon request. Bring your own Cyr or Rent a Cyr for 10 € per day (limited offer!!!)

No Health Insurrance provided, participate at own risk.

Looking forward to seeing you.

This Link may help you share a Ride:

Hauke Narten and the Fallersleben Cyr Team

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