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Active Age


Information about the project

What is the project about?

Regular and sufficiently intensive physical activities and sport are crucial for preserving and improving the quality of life also for older and very old people. The many healthy effects of an active way of life, however, conflict sharply with the actual activity and movement level of older people.

<ActiveAge> is a transnational project that fosters the exchange of knowledge and experience to counteract the physical inactivity of older people through capacity building for physical activities and sport programs of aging people in well-structured and wide-spread settings, with the starting point in sport-organisations.

The project refers comprehensively and directly to the European Commission, Education and Culture DG (EAC) “2012 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport” /Section 2 and is going to verify the specially mentioned expectations of “cooperation and networking of relevant parties”.

The handbook to the "Active Age Closing Conference in March 2014" as one of the major outcomes can be downloaded.

Active Age

The Active Age project is receiving support from the European Commission, Education and Culture DG, under the "2012 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport".


Network "Moving Age"

Out of the Active Age Project the network "Moving Age" was born. You can find more information here.