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Project partners

CASPV (Czech Association Sport for All), Czech Republic
Czech Association Sport for All (CASPV) is a sport organization with a strong history. CASPV has more than 60 000 members and works with all age groups within society. The work of CASPV is based on volunteer-run sport clubs. A typical member of CASPV is engaged in several activities - the most common being Gymnastics, Aerobic, Recreation, Health physical training, Yoga, Pre-school children physical activities, Seniors and sport, Chinese exercise, Outdoor sports, Dance, etc.

DOSB (German Olympic Sport Confederation), Germany
The DOSB is the non-governmental, politically independent umbrella organisation of German sports and has been created in 2006, merging the German Sport Confederation (DSB) and the National Olympic Committee (NOC). The DOSB represents performance, health, joy of life and conveying values. Patron of the DOSB is the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck.

DTB (German Gymnastic Federation), Germany
The DTB is the second biggest German sport federation (5 mill. members). He represents national and international the Olympic sports Artistic Gymnastic, Rhythmic Gymnastic, Trampoline and 4 more individual sports and 6 team games. Moreover the DTB is the biggest Sport for All organisation in Germany; 80% of the members are engaged in lifetime-, fitness- and health-sport activities. DTB develops particularly physical activity exercise programs for the target groups of children, young people, women, men and older people to be carried out in the 20.000 gym-clubs. 
DTB acts as a service-provider for his clubs. An important part of the activity is therefore focussed on education and further education of instructors and trainers.

ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association), Denmark
ISCA was created in 1995 with the purpose of:

  • supporting cross-border understanding through sport and culture
  • promoting sport as a bearer of cultural identity
  • encouraging the broadest possible participation in sports and cultural activities for affiliated members

ISCA concentrates on three key areas - activities, education and policy-making. As well as promoting events and educational programs, ISCA takes a full role in the public debate on sport and culture and strives to influence policies in these areas. ISCA has an operational Secretariat of 10 persons based in Copenhagen, DK. The ISCA Secretariat has implemented over 35 EU co-funded projects during the past 10 years.

OKRA-Sport, 55+, Belgium
OKRA-SPORT has the mission:

  • to encourage, to support, to establish and develop exercise, sports and outdoor life for seniors.
  • to defend the interests of seniors in this area.
  • to promote: the health, physical condition, the independence and the general physical, mental and social well-being of seniors.

Our organisation has 44.000 members spread over 900 local clubs.  During the past 5 years we developed in collaboration with the University of Leuven (KULeuven) projects to improve the condition of elderly people. It concerns a hiking and a bicycle program. The effect of the hiking program was scientifically proved. We reached 7000 seniors including more than 2000 not active elderly people. The biking program is still going on.

SUS (Sport Union of Slovenia), Slovenia
SUS is a national sport organisation, which unites numerous Slovene Sports Clubs and societies dealing with sport and recreation and physical education. A wide choice of different sport interests, which the Union combines, dictates a well considered and harmonised operation, which is what the management especially strives for. The central form of and approach to its work is social management and a responsible realisation of sports and business goals. Among the key goals of the Union as a non-profit organisation are the uniting, combining and supporting of sport clubs, as well as informing the public about sports and physical education, exchanging experiences and examples of good practise among its members and cooperating with relevant Slovene, foreign and international federations and organisations.

SVOLI (Finnish Gymnastics Federation), Finland

  • around 390 member clubs with around 124.000 members;
  • the biggest sports organisation in Finland for adult activities;
  • the biggest sports motivator for women and girls;
  • the second biggest sports organisation for children and youth;
  • strong educator: almost 5000 instructors, coaches and leaders yearly;
  • official representative of FIG gymnastics Acrobatic-, Aerobic-, Artistic-, Rhythmic- Gymnastics, Team Gym and Trampoline;
  • member of ISCA.

UFOLEP (Union Francaise des Oeuvres Laiques d'Education Physique), France
UFOLEP is a multisport federation (10.000 associations), which aims to federate sport associations and organize competitions at local, regional and national levels. As the sport sector of the Ligue de l’enseignement, it is part of its educational project of making each citizen through sport activities accessible to all, citizens aware of nowadays issues. Thus it daily works on making sport activities of all kind:

  • accessible for all (variety of activities, urban/rural areas, intergenerational activities…),
  • sustainable and a tool for local development,
  • facilitate lifelong learning,
  • a healthier lifestyle.

UISP - Emilia Romagna (Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti), Italy
UISP is a „sport for all‟ association, dedicated to extending the right to practice sport to everyone. It has about 1.3 mio. members in Italy. Sport for All is a patrimony concerning health, quality of life, education and sociality; for this peculiarity it deserves recognition and public tutorship.
Emilia Romagna UISP Committee has aboaut 300.000 members and it is UISP regional head office. It coordinates the activities of the Emilia Romagna UISP local committees and manages UISP regional events concerning traditional sports (roller skating, football, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics ...) and social projects (for seniors, immigrants, prisinors ...). UISP Emilia Romagna coordinates also training courses for teachers in physical education.

FAU-ISS (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg), Germany
The University of Erlangen-Nürnberg is the biggest university in North-Bavaria and has got far reaching national and international recognition in research and teaching. Its high scientific potential provides productive partnership for business and culture institutions. With a turnover of 800 mill. € per year the university is an essential economic factor in the region.
The Institute for Sport-Science and Sport (ISS) stands out for future oriented approaches to the topic of “Movement and Health”. The overall topic of the ISS is related to interventions of health promotion and increase in performance. Individual approaches for specific target groups are as well pursued as population oriented approaches for different settings. Many research projects (u.a. EU granted) and interdisciplinary cooperation guaranties a close connection between theory and practise.

UPM (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid), Spain
The research group ImFINE (Improvement of health by fitness, nutrition and exercise) is led by Dr. Marcela González-Gross, Professor of Sport Physiology and Nutrition. ImFINE will participate in ActiveAge on behalf of EXERNET, a Spanish Network integrated by the leading research teams in Spain analysing the relationship of lifestyle factors to health and ageing, with a specific focus on sports and physical activity. Together, the team members have participated in more than 100 research projects; both at national, EU and international level, focused on the understanding of obesity, nutritional status, mental function and fitness as determinants of health, specifically in adolescents and elderly.

City of Frankfurt - Sport Department, Germany

  • Support, advice and financial assistance of sport clubs in Frankfurt;
  • Application, planning, organisational and financial support of smaller and bigger sport events;
  • Building, redeveloping, maintaining and operating of sport facilities;
  • Financial support (building and redeveloping) for sport club facilities.

VSF (Vlaamse Sportfederatie vzw), Belgium
VSF is the umbrella organisation of the sports federations of the Flemish Community in Belgium. The VSF herby represents app. 90 sports federations and their app. 18.000 sports clubs and app. 1,3 mio. members. 
The goal of the VSF is to promote high-qualitative sports federations by developing mainly the following activities:

  • to act as a representative body for its members to governmental and other public or private bodies.
  • to inform its members on a regular base on relevant topics.
  • to support its members in legal, administrative, organisationasl and policy matters.
  • to detect the research and study needs of its members.